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Frequently Asked Questions


Q How did I get my nickname 'Gladiator’

Mark chose his own nickname ‘Gladiator’. He wanted a name that portrayed his own domineer.

'A gladiator (Latin: gladiator, "swordsman", from gladius, "sword") was an armed combatant who entertained audiences in the Roman Republic and Roman Empire.'

Mark entertains a darts arena armed only with three darts like his opponents. But unlike gladiators of old the darts are throw at a board and not at each other.

Mark’s and never give up attitude seem also fits nicely well with his nickname. Mark will say:

‘I am here not to take part. I am here to take over!’


Q. Can I recommend good suppliers?

There are many good dart suppliers online where you can purchase my darts. I don’t promote one dart shop over another.

You can purchase a replica ‘Mark McGeeney’ dart shirt direct from the manufacturer from Mark. Dart Shirts are made to order so there is, unfortunately, 3-4 week delay from the point of ordering to delivery. However, we always do our best to get your shirt to you as soon as possible.


Please see: Merchandise


Q. Dartboard setup: What distance should man or lady throw from?

There is no difference in major darts competitions between the ladies and men. Tthe distance is 7’ 9 ¼” to the oche line measured along the ground. However many UK local leagues do have shorter throwing distances for women than men: 7' and 7' 6" being two popular throwing distances.

For dartboard setup instructions please visit, or


Q. I have just started playing darts and want to join a team. How do I find a local team and do I have to join the WDF or PDC?

I have many questions like this sent to me.  To find a local team I suggest you either look in your local newspapers under for local league darts results, this will give you the locations of the local league teams or contact the venues and ask to speak to the darts captain. Also If you’re of an age to join a social club, where they have a darts team, or you are old enough to go to a pub, then this is the best place to start. You don’t need to be member the WDF or PDC to play in locally run darts leagues.

Another source for competitions and super leagues is Darts World magazine (UK). You can become a member of a professional darts organisation - details can be found on the WDF website.

If you are a Youth (under 21) I suggest you contact the WDF or one of the UKDA Counties. You can also contact the JDO (Juniour Darts Organisation) or PDC who will also supply you with information.


Q. Can you recommend a good general dart website to help me get started?

My web designer / developer is a keen social and league darts player. He has written a couple of very good and well-read darts websites and in addition he has also supplied information to a few dart books and darts magazines.

If you are looking for general information regarding how to throw, dartboard setup, dart games and practice routines then I suggest you have a look at or If your interest is only UK darts and County darts then may be your best starting point.  |  |


If you are disabled then you will find both Darts501 and Darts-UK websites also have sections regarding disability darts, dartboard setup diagrams, rules, disability darts association links and contacts.

Q. Do I personally sponsor players?

I receive quite a number of requests asking for sponsorship and at present I am not in a position to sponsor any player or competition.


Q. We are interested in sponsoring Mark McGeeney

Details about sponsorship can be found on this website and reading the page. The best thing is to contact me.


Q. Can I add a link from Mark McGeeney to your website

I am sorry the website doesn’t have a dedicated links page.

Note from the web developer:

I have written a number of darts websites and used to have a links page on each of them. However, the links became too much to manage as many websites were not kept update or renewed hence giving the websites a lot of broken links which isn’t good. So sorry I can not add your link.


Q. I am having problems viewing all the website content correctly

The Mark McGeeney website uses HTML5, CSS3 components. If you are having difficulty seeing a page correctly try either upgrading or switching your browser.


Q I have a website technical question?

If you find any errors on this website or you have a technical question relating to my website, please contact my web designer direct:

Email: Web Developer / Developers Website: DK Web Development


Q. Download files won’t download and I am getting a message saying the file is damaged.

If you do see this message please first make sure you have the current Adobe reader installed. All downloads have been made in this format because the software to view and print these files is free.

Download Adobe File Reader.


Q. Can I use details listed on the Mark McGeeney Website on my website?

If you want any information that is contained on this website please contact me first. You may add a web link to this website without consultation.


Q. Can we advertise on the Mark McGeeney website?

Yes, there are several ways you can advertise on this web site and full details can be found on the advertisement page. I do not directly handle any requests for advertising on this website, so for speed please read the advertisement page and contact my web developer.


Mark McGeeney Signature

PS If you can’t find what you are looking for please contact me via my contact form.

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If you are viewing this website on an iPad, iPhone or iPod you can save the website to your home screen or bookmark the website. When you do either a Gladiator helmet icon will appear to make it easy for you to identify when you wish to return.

How to add to the home screen bookmark follow steps one and two in the diagram below. If you own an Android device you can also add to home screen or bookmark. By default, iPad, iPhone and iPod icons will show rounded corners on the icon, Android will appear square.

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