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Darts World Matchplay

Anyone who knows anything about darts will be aware of the World Matchplay, also known as the BetVictor World Matchplay. This professional darts tournament is played in a ‘legs format’ and has always been run by the PDC – Professional Darts Corporation.

The long running and well-established tournament has been played on a yearly basis since 1994. It is held in the Empress Ballroom at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool. This tournament is considered to be the second biggest PDC tournament on the yearly calendar and tickets for the event sell out within days.

Since its beginnings, all the way though to 2012, the competition rules stated that the matches within the tournament had to be won by two clear legs. However, in 2013 it was ruled that if no player had a two leg lead after an additional six legs then it would all go down to sudden death. This would come into play when the score reached 12-12.

World Matchplay Winners

Despite the tournament having been around for over twenty years, there have ever only been seven different winners of the tournaments, so if you’re looking for the best darts betting tips for this match, then you wouldn’t be going too wrong if you were to put your money on previous tournament winners.

Without a doubt, the most successful player to have played in the World Matchplay tournament ever is none other than Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor. From 1995 all the way through to 2017, he has won the tournament an astonishing 16 times and has been runner up once. In fact, he is the current champion and what would be the defending title holder. Other than Taylor, both Michael van Gerwen and Rod Harrington have been victorious twice and James Wade, Larry Butler, Peter Evison and Colin Lloyd have each won it once.

Top Tournament Records.

As such a longstanding event, there have been a number of records set. There have been six nine-dart finishes, starting back in 2002 when Phil Taylor was responsible for the first ever nine-darter to be broadcast live on television. This feat was not repeated until 2010. The last time there was a nine-dart finish in the tournament was back in 2014 – again courtesy of the incredible Phil Taylor. It looks like we’re about due another one.

Longest Unbeaten Runs

As you may be able to guess by the sheer number of times he’s won the tournament, Phil Taylor holds the record for the longest unbeaten run. Between 2008 and 2015 Phil Taylor won an incredible 38 matches in a row. In fact, the legend has only ever lost eight matches in the entire history of the tournament.

Longest Matches

Before the sudden death rule was implemented in 2013, matches could go on indefinitely until a two leg lead had been established. As you can imagine, this meant that there were some very long games. The record was set in 1998 when the final went on for an insane 36 legs. However, this record was matched in the final the very next year.

World Matchplay 2017

In 2017, the 24th World Matchplay took place from July 22nd to July 30th. This was a year when van Gerwen had the upper hand as he had won the tournament for the previous two years. However, he was not to make it tournament number three. In fact, the Dutch darts destroyer was knocked out in the quarter-finals by former winner, Phil Taylor by 16 legs to 6. Taylor then went on to win the final by beating Peter Wright 18-8 – sealing his 16th title.

Taylor seemed to make it through all of his matches with very little trouble. The first match saw him win 10-5 against Gerwyn Price; round 2 saw him defeat Raymond van Barneveld 11-3, his defeat of Michael van Gerwen saw him face off against Adrian Lewis, whom he defeated 17-9 and the final he won easily against Scot player Peter Wright.

Micheal van Gerwen World Matchplay Champion

World Matchplay 2018

This year the tournament is coming round quickly. It will be held from 21st to 29th July. The year 2018, however, will be slightly different because the current champion, Phil Taylor, retired after his 2018 World Darts Championship appearance. This time around, the winner of the tournament will be awarded the Phil Taylor Trophy, renamed in honour of the 16-times champion.

This year, like last year, the total prize fund is a total of £500,000, split between the players, with the winner walking away with a very creditable £115,000 purse.  

So, who has qualified this year? It’s an exciting year because now Phil Taylor is no longer in contention; the field is much more open. Obviously Michael van Gerwen is favourite to top the tournament, but nothing is a given. Last year’s runner up is also a possibility with the Scot seeded 2, just underneath van Gerwen.

With betting options much more open this year, the odds are bound to be better for all players, so there’s never been a better time to bet on a darts tournament. Phil, we loved you, but now it’s a lot more open… and even more exciting.


PDC Darts World Matchplay Past Winners

Champion  Score Runner-Up 
TBC - - - TBC
Phil Taylor 18 - 8 Peter Wright
Michael van Gerwen 18–10 Phil Taylor
Michael van Gerwen 18–12 James Wade
Phil Taylor  18–9 Michael van Gerwen
Phil Taylor  18–13 Adrian Lewis
Phil Taylor  18–15 James Wade
Phil Taylor  18–8 James Wade
Phil Taylor  18–12 Raymond van Barneveld
Phil Taylor 18–4 Terry Jenkins
Phil Taylor 18–9 James Wade
James Wade 18–7 Terry Jenkins
Phil Taylor  18–11 James Wade
Colin Lloyd 18–12 John Part
Phil Taylor  18–8 Mark Dudbridge
Phil Taylor 18–12 Wayne Mardle
Phil Taylor  18–16 John Part
Phil Taylor 18–10 Richie Burnett
Phil Taylor  18–12 Alan Warriner 
Rod Harrington  19–17 Peter Manley
Rod Harrington 19–17 Ronnie Baxter
Phil Taylor 16–11 Alan Warriner
Peter Evison 16–14 Dennis Priestley
Phil Taylor  16–11 Dennis Priestley
Larry Butler 16–12 Dennis Priestley


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